Safer Sex Recording

In this workshop you will get the tools you need for an open conversation about STIs and Safer Sex with your intimate/ sexual partners.
A Safer Sex Refresher giving you tools to: 
☀️ S+ tipps to be a Ethical SIut
☀️The STARS Talk – a communication tool
☀️The 10 most important STIs and how are these STIs transmitted?
☀️Safer s*x tools such as the dental damn, different condoms, femidoms, gloves and different lubricants.
☀️When, how and for what can best be tested.
☀️How to make love with more than two people


The workshop was in English and used gender-neutral, queer & poly inclusive language.

Resources mentioned in the Recording: 

As promised I did also a Drive Folder with all the Posters & Materials I use on my Events and some further articles on Safer Sex. If you want to use the Posters or pass them on to others please use this link as it contains the creative commons license information.

With this link you can access the latest version of the Powerpoint presentation and check out the slides I had to skip.

If you want to recommend my workshops for a party, or festival or if a friend needs advice related to consent & intimacy they can contact me via Telegram @janina_vivianne or via Social Media. 

Free Donation
Depending on your financial strenght 5 – 50 € would be nice 😉 We offer a wide range in order to be inclusive but also work towards sustainability.

Money should not be a reason why not to attend ❤ We strive for solidarity economy

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This event is organized was the Loslassen association and facilitated by Janina Vivianne. 
About the workshop facilitator: Janina Vivianne has been working as a sx-positive activist, organizer and s*x educator since 2018, at festivals and in community spaces to create more awareness around safer sex and STIs. She is part of the non-profit association Sx-aware, with the task of strengthening sxual health and promoting safer s*x.
This includes educating people about prevention, combating stigma and advocating low-threshold, free access to preventive medical check-ups for STIs.
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