Open Spitzmühle

The Loslassen Association has rented out the lovely Spitzmühle Berlin September 22nd/23 – 25th.

Surrounded by trees, birds and bees at a wonderful lake, there is plenty of space to unravel intimacy. Decompress after a long summer filled with festivals and intense experiences and build community during this free-flow co-created weekend. It is a serene and beautiful place to wind down, integrate our summer adventures and learnings as well as an ideal space for team and community building. 

There are different options of accommodation (tent or hotel room) and a wide variety of relaxing activities like bathing in the lake, enjoying the sauna, sitting around a bonfire or using the open spaces to connect and share. 

We will not provide any fixed program but an open space to relax, network, host workshops, ideas, offerings you would like to share. 

Accessibility: The location has some barriers for people in a wheelchair and especially the hotel rooms are unfortunately not wheelchair friendly. But please reach out to us if you have special access needs, and we will do our best to provide you all necessary information and support you. 

COVID policy
🧬We will ask everyone at the Check-in to do a Antigen Test which we will provided. If you prefer to get tested with PCR or a certificated Antigen Test (please make sure it’s not older than 24 hours). On Sunday there will be the possibility to test again.

There will be NO obligation to wear masks at the Open Spitzmühle weekend nor maintain a 1.5m distance from each other, while we encourage people to maintain any personal safety measures they feel good with of course.

🦠If anyone tests positive during or in the two weeks following the event, please inform a team member by sending an email to We will inform all attendees while maintaining your confidentiality.

📯Furthermore, there is also a new, highly transmittable infection: the Monkeypox. So please also check your body on rashes and pimples before coming to the Event. More about Monkeypox on the CDC website

Sliding scale Price 

We offer a wide sliding scale depending on your individual access to money and wealth. Our sliding scale is an intentional effort to distribute resources equitably and create a more inclusive space.
To assess your price rate, check our guide here.

Prices: In a Tent €130- 200 & a shared Hotel room €180-300

Subscribe with a group of 4 or more people and get a Community / Team building discount

Friday evening is the latest time to join in.

  • Money an Issue?

  • We want to make this retreat as inclusive as possible. So if money is an issue, we’ll do our best to find a way to participate. This could be through a further discounted ticket (depending on the amount of supporter tickets sold), a delayed/split payment plan, or helping with organizational work. Please email us to figure something out together –

We will be around 35 Participants.

💫For transparency: This event is non-profit and the Full price covers the cost of the location (accommodation, heating, washing, utilities,…), supplies, food, drinks, and travel coast of the organiser. The organisational labour is not paid.
As this is a communal event, everyone is invited to pick at least one kitchen or cleaning shift.
👉How to apply:
In order to create a safeR space we will ask you to fill out the form, once you got selected and wired the money your spot will be confirmed.

Adress: Seminarhotel Neue Spitzmühle; Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg, Brandenburg


Public Transport: S5 Direction Strausberg Nord until Hegermühle, from there it is a 5 km hike or bike ride. (or a 5 min taxi drive). An other option is to request a Pick up from Straußberg Nord by other people how are already there in the car share telegram group.  

Bike (30 km / 2 hr bike ride from Downtown Berlin)

Car share: If you have a car and want to offer rides, or are looking for one, find your match in our ride share telegram group after you applied

If you want to come by Taxi from Straußberg Nord to the Spitzmühle, this is the number of the local taxi service: 03341-390530 and 0170-6428843


22 -25 September 2022 at Spitzmühle near Berlin



Slowing down, relaxing, and visioning in capacity.

After a Summer full of input and adventures we want to invite you to the beautiful and relaxing Spitzmühle, surrounded by nature.

While we actually reserved this space in time for a big celebration, we realized we were running ahead of ourselves and our capacity. What we really need is to wind down, relax and recharge.

Together with 30-40 people, integrate our summer experiences.

We co-create a space to freely exchange our knowledge, use it for team building or just relax.

What we offer

no fixed Program but a open spaces to relax, network, host workshops, ideas, team building, offerings you would like to share.

– Location

It provides beautiful nature to swim, walk, sit, sauna and breathe.

– Relaxation

Make use of the sauna, find yourself a beautiful spot to read or meditate. Gather with some pillows and share your stories. Share amazing food. Sleep in and wake up with the rhythm of the sun.

– Skill Share

You can organise workshops,talks or skill sharing sessions.

– Free time

Feel free to bring your hobbies, art & crafting projects you always wanted to start or finish.

There are different options of accommodation (tent or hotel room) and a wide variety of relaxing activities like bathing in the lake, enjoying the sauna, sitting around a bonfire or using the open spaces to connect and share.

Who we are: 

This gathering is made possible by the Letting Go association / Loslassen Verein, that organises since 2017 events ( Festival of Sensations, The Parallel Universe) and is a non-profit association since 2019.

Ariana Coveney, Olivier Dieleman, Lian Quintana Abraham, Marek & Janina Vivianne will be sharing some of their ideas and holding space during this retreat. 

We will be a space with diverse genders so please use gender neutral language and people’s chosen pronouns. We will wear nametags.  

Please reach out to us if you have special access needs. Unfortunately the location and especially the hotel rooms are not wheelchair accessible. 

Looking forward to see you! 

Janina (she/her), Ollie (Ollie/they/he), Lian(she/her),Hp (he/it) Marek (he/him), & Ariana (any pronouns)



🌾Thursday 22th September🌾

17:00 Soft Arrival & Covid Test

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Practicalities & Agreements of the Weekend

20:30 Welcoming round & Intention

21:30 Different Spaces ( Chill/ Social/ Read/ Sauna)


🌾Friday 23th September🌾

8:30–10:30 Breakfast

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch

20:00 Dinner – lastest arrival


21:30 Different Spaces (Chill/ Social/ Read/ Sauna)


🌾Saturday 24th Septembe🌾

8:30–10:00 Breakfast

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch✨

20:00 Dinner

21:30 Different Spaces ( Chill/ Social/ Read/ Sauna )


🌾Sunday 25th September🌾

8:00-10:30 Breakfast

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch

17:00 -18:00 Closing Circle

18:00 Accountable Cleaning & Soft departing